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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  August 10, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. coming up next on eyewitness news, connecticut plane crash, a small plane goes down into two homes, how many lives investigators now believe were lost. >> and extra security around johns hopkins school of medicine after a series of violent crimes. i'm linh bui, next on wjz the new measures to keep the neighborhood safer. >> and remembering a baltimore great, a look at the final farewell for art donovan. >> and a mostly cloudy start to the day this morning, so what are the chances we'll see some showers later on. tim williams tells us in his first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday
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morning starts now. this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this saturday. i'm gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. a comfortable morning out there, nowhere near steamy. >> that's why we have averages, sometimes they're up. sometimes they're down. today at least the temperature is down a little bit, so is the dew point and the humidity. it's not as steamy as it was yesterday. if you were out at all yesterday it was very very humid outside. today is less humidity, low dew points and the haze we have seen over the last few days is for now gone. the scan on first warning live doppler radar. the only shower we have is down near front royal virginia. we could see a shower or two
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pop up, but the chance for today is slim. 61 in oakland, 74 in elkland, 75 in ocean city. high pressure is pushing in that less humid air, and the conditions are drying out nicely. because of that front to our south, we cannot rule out a shower over the next few days. our forecast going up to about 87 degrees, pretty warm but without all the humidity it won't be as uncomfortable. we'll talk about how it plays out into the rest of the weekend. >> thank you tim. now here's a look at the stories people are talking about this weekend. at least four, maybe as many as six people are dead in connecticut after a small plane crashes into a neighborhood. adrian that diaz hassed latest for wjz. >> it could take days before investigators are able to sift through what's left of an airplane. >> one of the houses of struck more severely and part of the
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plane is actually in the basement. >> at least four people were killed, including the pilot of the plane. officials say they won have a con -- won't have a confirmed number of fatalities until they can access all parts of the wreckage. >> among those feared dead, two boys ages 1 and 13 who were living in one of the homes. east haven mayor joseph paturo spoke with their mother. >> of course she's devastated. right now she's -- the last time i understand she was at the hospitalling hospital being checked out. >> the plane was attempting a landing at the airport blocks away. there were no reports of trouble from the cockpit. transportation official say they will examine the records and flight records to see if weather or mechanical problems contributed to the crash. the investigation could take months. wjz eyewitness news. >> and the pilot has been identified as a former microsoft executive and wjz has
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learned he crashed a small plane once before in 2009 in oregon. this morning heavy rain in parts of the midwest is triggering flash flooding and mud slides. several people have died in the wicked weather. in colorado springs colorado vehicles are being swept away by the fast moving water. dozens of drivers were stranded in the severe flooding. five states including missouri, tennessee, and oklahoma have been hit hard by the heavy rains in the last few days leading to at least four deaths. the forecast is calling for another storm system to move in soon and some areas could see 8 inches of rain. in southern california wildfires there are a major concern. drought has fueled a difficult season for them while the silver fire still burns near palm springs, another wildfire about 90 miles east of los angeles has grown to 28 square miles. firefighters are making some progress on that fire.
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it's about 40% contained. a group of maryland aid workers stranded in kenya will be headed home soon. a massive fire prevented ten members of the habitat for humanity group from flying home. kenyan leaders say operations at the airport are returning to normal and the group is scheduled to be on a plane and back home by monday. stepping up security, several recent crimes at johns hopkins school of medicine in east baltimore have put police and hospitals on alert. linh bui explains these new precautions for students and visitors. >> a stoppinger police presence around johns hopkins more foot and bike controls along north wolfe and north washington street. >> i notice security guards every time i go up that way they're coming farther and
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farther down. it might help the community. >> plans for increased security on ashland avenue and a security kiosk on wolfe. one person's cell phone was stolen, another person was robbed and a third person was assaulted. >> hopkins gave wjz this statement, our security department takes all crimes very seriously and they act quickly to ensure the well being and comfort for the community. our patients, the family, the students and the staff. >> it's a little disturbing. it's hard to keep your personal things safe. >> police say the majority of robberies in the city are cell phone related. always be aware of your surroundings. >> walk in well-lit areas, that they walk in groups whenever possible and they're not advertising the fact they have a cell phone. we don't want to see anyone become the victim of a crime. >> police made six arrests related to robberies in the area and are stepping up patrols. >> what you won't see are the unmarked and undercover officers in the area. >> people living in hopkins say
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they're glad more officers are around. linh bui wjz eyewitness news. >> police say if you see anything suspicious you want to report, contact them, and you can remain anonymous. after nearly a decade battling a major corporation there are new developments this morning in a multibillion dollars lawsuit filed by hundreds of homeowners. a federal appeals court rejected exon's bid to have the suit heard in federal court. a judge says the case should not be litigated in federal court since it's pending in state court. follow son residents filed a lawsuit in 2004 claiming their water was contaminated by a potential carcinogen from an exon station. he was a larger than life presence in baltimore. jessica kartalija has the moving goodbye from more than 800 people who love the former
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colt, and will never forget his humility, his humor and his love for live. >> at the cathedral of mary our queen a baltimore legend is remembered. hundreds gathered to celebrate the life of the nfl hall of famer, the colts defensive tackle known for his incredible athleticism on the field and his larger than life personality. >> my father will not rest in peace unless i tell you how much he loved all of you. the citizens of baltimore molded a boy from the bronx to a great man on and off the field. you gave him so much happiness. >> several former colts greats like lenny moore, gino marketti and andy nelson attended the funeral. >> he was a special person and -- he was what baltimore's all about.
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>> to have a guy like donovan, your mind's on what you've got to do and how you got to do it, and you're tightening in your head. then all of a sudden you hear a roar in the locker room. there's donovan getting guys together, loosening them up. >> governor martin o'malley and bob you you are lick join close friends, former teammates and family mention to remember him. >> the funeral was for the public. at cathedral of mary our queen, i'm jessica kartalija wjz eyewitness news. >> if you'd like to see more of the service remembering art donovan log on to turning now to sports it was a late night for orioles fans. they had a 2-1 lead in the 9th 9th but jim johnson wouldn't
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hold it. the first two batters reached base. then hunter pence will single up the middle. that ties the game. johnson did not allow anymore runs. then in the of the 10th 10th orioles got two men on and chris davis comes through. this blooming double gives the orioles the lead. they then added one more run for a final of 5-2. the final game against the giants in san fransisco at 4:00 our time this afternoon. however they win, as long as they win. >> a w is a w. >> yes, it is. >> that's what i'm learning. >> all they need is wins going down into this playoff stretch. >> technicality i don't care,. >> as long as they win. >> as long as they win. >> they've had nice weather out there, california you might expect that, but here it's going to be better than it has been over the last few days. we've had some afternoon, where we've had strong storms roll
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through. while they are around today, a little more of an improvement than yesterday. >> lately we've just been feeling like losers. >> loseres. >> we don't like the l. >> we are looking at a bright sky, the sun is coming u. 73 right now. dew point is high. numbers are very close again, the air has a lot of moisture. relative humidity at 90%. winds are calm. barometer at 30.00. 74 in ocean city. we have 70 in elkton, 61 in oakland. we have 66 in cumberland and 69 in hagerstown. around the immediate metro area 70 in bel air and in westminster, 77 in rock hall, 74 in annapolis on kent island and 73 in columbia. right now the winds are calm around central maryland, a bit of a southwest flow yesterday continued to bring in warm, moist air. what you're seeing now is a bit
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of a shift to the west and northwest. elkton, the same, cumberland the same. that it high pressure helping to push a front that was responsible for some of the rain yesterday and the day before. that front is eventually going to clear the area and settle down to our south. it's allowing for several ripples of energy to ride along it. while we have a few little areas close by, we're not seeing any widespread rain over the area. cannot rule out showers through this day. we'll see clouds as a result of it as well. we're not seeing the showers. we're seeing the clouds ahead of them. but the overall picture here shows that we have lower humidity than the last few days. you'll feel that when you go out there this morning. this front lifts back up. a better chance of rain tomorrow, a bit of a break and another chance going into the beginning of the week. the front is going to allow for an annoyance. we're not going to have a washout of any of our days over
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the next five days. sunrise at 6:15. sunset at 8:07. next high tide at 9:23. your bay temperature at 72 degrees. we'll look for temperatures overnight going down to 66 degrees which is actually the normal overnight low. for tomorrow 87 degrees, limited sun, but a thunderstorm and some showers in spots. again, a better chance tomorrow than today. 87 is your temperature on monday and tuesday. a better chance of thunderstorms on tuesday. another front comes through, knocks the temperature back on wednesday and thursday. we go down to 82. it's about 60 degrees heading into thursday. still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning, james dimaggio man hunt, police continue to search for that accused murderer and kidnapper. detectives released devastating news about one of the victims. the latest details are coming up. >> plus doing damage control. a swiss retailer is apologizing to oprah winfrey.
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we'll explain coming up. >> but first here's a look at yesterday's winning lottery numbers. good luck. we're back in just a moment. ,,,
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that's a dramatic sky. taking a look out over the city on this 10th day of august. we have some sun out there, some clouds out there, and that's what the sunrise looks like going into this saturday morning. it's a nice start to the day considering how humid it's been. it's not quite as damp as it has been over the last few days. taking a look at the forecast over the next three days. we're looking at temperatures going up to just around 87 degrees. intervals of clouds and sun. tonight's overnight low around 66. partly cloudy and then for tomorrow a chance of a shower in the afternoon. we have a chance of showers today as well. tomorrow in the afternoon maybe a chance of a thunderstorm. if you happen to be down in ocean city for this weekend, 82 for today, 81 for tomorrow, water temperature now in the low 70s. again, that chance of thunderstorms is going to be with us through the weekend, not a washout of your plans, just know that they could be popping up much like they have over the last few days. thanks tim. first back to some of the other
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top headlines of the weekend. an intercepted message between al-qaeda leaders about plans for a major attack triggered widespread closures of u.s. embassies and consolates. the state department says it's going to reopen them sometime tomorrow or monday. the government shut down 18 of its 19 embassies in the middle east and africa because of those terror threats but state department leaders say the american embassy in yemen will remain closed. the president talked about the terror threat yesterday insisting the core of al-qaeda has been decimated but offshoot groups can still launch attacks. >> we still have these regional organizations like aqap that can pose a threat, that can drive potentially a truck bomb into an embassy wall and can kill some people. >> and a separate threat led to the closure of the american consulate in lahore pakistan on thursday. it remains closed this morning. new developments in the search for a california man
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accused of murder and kidnapping. police have positively identified a charred body found inside james dimaggio's burned out home as that of an 8-year- old boy ethan anderson. detectives believe his sister was kidnapped by dimaggio as well. the devastating news comes as police make a major break in the case. >> law enforcement with automatic rifles search a rural idaho home where a car belonging to james dimaggio was found. police say dimaggio appears to be traveling with the missing 16-year-old hannah anderson. >> we have not searched that vehicle yet. it will be processed. >> the car was found this morning near cascade idaho more than 8 o'0 miles from san diego that's where dimaggio's house was found in flames. he was a family friend of the andersons. authorities say he had an unusual infatuation with the
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girl. on wednesday a man on horse back saw two people who matched the description of dimaggio and anderson. he said they looked like common backpackers. >> they did appear to have gear with them. they had camping equipment it seemed to him. >> police started searching on thursday when the horse back rider heard reports of the missing girl and made the connection. anderson's father spoke out to his former friend. >> the damage is done. just let my daughter go. let her go home safe. let her be with me and try to mend things from there. >> dimaggio is wanted on suspicion of murder and arson. jerica duncan. a south florida man is in custody after a murder confession and gruesome photo of a blood covered woman appear on his facebook page. derek medina appeared in court and was ordered to be held without bond. police say medina's wife was
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fatally shot inside the couple's home. he then turned himself in after apparently posting the confession and photo. facebook removed the page a few hours later. oprah winfrey says she was targeted in a racism incident in switzerland. oprah told e. t. that a sales assistant at a luxury good shop wouldn't let her see a $38,000 handbag and told her that that bag was too expensive for her. the store owner called it a classic misunderstanding. according to forbes oprah made $77 million last year. well, it is two down and one to go as the owners of a second power ball ticket have been identified. officials from ocean county new jersey say a group of 16 employees have a winning ticket from wednesday's drawing. they will split $148 million.
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last october superstorm sandy made landfall a few miles from where that ticket was purchased. a nice swing of events from that area. and still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning. >> i'm alex demetrick and coming up, one year old and 200 million miles away. [ jessica ] so i opened the box and i said to myself, "this is a tablet that i'm going to have to learn how to use." literally the flip of a switch i was logged onto our wi-fi network at home
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tomorrow afternoon, i less of a chance on monday, better chance on tuesday. it's an everyday thing for us for the next five days. temperatures going down to about 80 degrees. one year ago nasa's curiosity rover landed on the moon. >> alex demetrick reports still more discoveries lie ahead. >> an may tores visualized how the rover called curiosity was supposed to land on mars, when it actually worked and touched down in one piece in august 2012 controllers in california celebrated and so did scientists in maryland. at the goddard space flight center a portable chemistry lab had been built to sit inside the rover which has spent the past year slowly moving along. >> we have only driven about a mile, but within this mile fairly close to the landing site we've found very interesting environments. >> drilling into promising
6:26 am
rocks, the powder left behind was brought inside and a first of its kind chemical analysis was made. >> and we found evidence of clay minerals and sulfate minerals. >> what came out of those little holes was big news. >> we now learned that mars was a blue planet much like the earth billions of years ago. it had an extensive amount of water, an extensive atmosphere and clouds and it rained on mars. >> curiosity begins its second year with its main mission still ahead. it will travel another 5 miles to its primary target, the foothills of an immense mountain where layers of ground are revealed, each layer a different different -- >> is that organic chemistry lead to life or something else? >> an answer worth the curiosity. alex demetrick wjz eyewitness news. >> and curiosity also made an important discovery on the way to mars, radiation along with the way is far higher than
6:27 am
expected creating a new set of problems for man missions to the planet. >> more to the story -- moral to the story? >> don't go to mars. >> stay right here. >> go to disney world or something. do some ride that looks like mars. still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning. >> good morning everyone, more trouble in maryland's prison, i'm monique griego, and coming up, the latest on the stabbing of a corrections office in western maryland. >> and deadly plane crash, how many people investigates now fear are dead following the crash in connecticut. >> i'm alex demetrick and coming up, hooking a million dollar fish as ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. it's wjz maryland's news station. welcome back to eyewitness news saturday morning. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures are in the 70s across the area. dew points around 70 as well. today for some reason the temperature and the dew point being that close don't feel as muggy and as humid as it has over the last few days. it's all in the perception i guess. we have a bit of a breeze coming in from the northwest today, and that's different than yesterday's southwest wind which kept bringing in the warm, moist humid air.
6:31 am
today we're getting an infusion from the northwest and that's bringing in a cooler drier air mass. our daytime high goes up to about 87 degrees. intervals of clouds and sun. there is a chance for a shower or thundershower this afternoon, but less of a chance today than tomorrow. we'll talk about how the weekend plays out and your week ahead in your complete first warning forecast. and now here's a look at the stories people are talking about. correctional officers at a maryland prison are calling for action after they say they were never warned about a planned inmate attack. it's one of a dozen assaults in recent weeks. monique griego has the latest on the new problem. >> good morning everyone. earlier this week a corrections officer was stabbed multiple times by an inmate. that officer later learned prison officials knew he was being targeted but never told him. corrections officers from north branch correctional institution in western maryland rally for the resignation of top prison officials. they say security leaders knew
6:32 am
about a threat against two officers but never told them. monday one of the officers was stabbed in the ribs, head, and arms by an inmate serving life. it was the prison's 15th 15th attack on an officer in just 30 days. >> we just have a lot of bad dreams from something like this. you don't realize how hard it hits you until after it's said and done. >> the inmate made the threat in a letter to a prison official. in it he said i do run security in this prison. when i say move my men move. remove these two officers or i will take action into my own hands with body harm on those two officers. in a statement to wjz the department of public safety says the mission of dptcs is to protect the safety of the public, our employees and the inmates. officer safety should never be compromised. they're talking the threat letter investigation very seriously. >> baltimore city has its own prison problems with state leaders already under fire for
6:33 am
failures in the system. tavon white pled guilty to running a sophisticated drug ring behind bars. 25 people were indicted including 13 corrections officers. >> corrections officers are asking five prison officials to resign. monique griego wjz eyewitness news. >> and the other assaults on officers ended with them suffering only minor injuries. a small twin airplane crashes into two homes in connecticut killing as many as six people. in addition to the pilot police fear two boys aging 1 and 13 who lived in one of the homes are also dead. emergency workers have not been able to get inside the other structure but have seen two of the bodies inside. >> we have water in the basement. we really can't get into the basement to do the investigation that's necessary to find this out. the home is still a little bit unstable so it's going to be tough to get in there. >> an official says the plane missed its initial approach at
6:34 am
a nearby airport. transportation investigators say they will examine the records and flight records to see if weather or mechanical problems could have caused the crash. the investigation will take months. national security leaker edward snowden could get some company in russia as early as next week. snowden's father has applied for a travel visa to russia in hopes of seeing his son. lon snowden says he's not been able to speak to his son since he leaked top secret u.s. documents. he says he wants to make sure edward snowden is aware of the legal situation in the u.s. the woman who claims years of abuse drove her to hire a hitman to murder her husband continues her fight to avoid jail time. derek valcourt has the latest from the baltimore county courthouse in towson on the trial of karla porter. >> prosecutors are portraying karla porter as a cold and calculating killer, but her defense attorneys say she's the victim of horrendous abuse. >> after years of physical and
6:35 am
verbal abuse from her husband ray she felt she had to hire a hitman to kill him. in march of 2010 that's what she did with help from some of her family members she arranged for hitman walter bishop to shoot her husband in the head at the hess gas station the couple owned together. she called 9 is 1 and said he was shot by a robber. >> do you know the person? >> no, i've never seen him before. he was black and he just come in the side door. i went out and i came in. >> under pressure during a police interrogation she confessed. >> are you understanding what we're saying to you? >> i think so. >> we know. we know. we're not stupid. >> everybody told you how wonderful of a man he was. i didn't want you to know he hit me sometimes. >> the demeaning abuse was much more severe than she originally
6:36 am
told police. defense psychologists took the stand to say carla had severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and battered spouse syndrome and her repeated attempts over the years to find someone to kill her husband was her way of coping with the stress of the abuse. >> the jury could be deliberating by monday afternoon. derek valcourt wjz eyewitness news. >> and karla porter faces the possibility of life in prison without parole. >> one person is injured following a standoff in charles county. sheriff's officials say william bell was shot as deputies tried to serve a warrant. when deputies arrived at the home in the 4600 block of gadwell place in waldorf, that's when they encountered bell who had a rifle. there was an exchange of fire and bell was shot several times. he was taken to a local hospital where he is listed in stable condition. the original warrant was for an ongoing mail fraud investigation. in howard county police are look factor man who assault --
6:37 am
are looking for a man who assaulted a woman while she was out jogging near stone cloud and majors lane in columbia. the woman says she was running along a path when a man came up behind her and grabbed her chest. she screamed and that's when the suspect ran off. the woman was not injured and a search for the man is still under way. more than a million dollars is at stake this morning after a nationwide fishing tournament wraps up in ocean city, and an anne arundel county man may win it all. alex demetrick has the details of one of the richest fishing tournaments in the country. >> it's called the white marlin open and the top prize is an estimated $1.2 million. >> the white marlin open. >> who knew fishing was a spectator sport. every summer it turns into one in ocean city with nearly a million and a half dollars in prize money at stake. the biggest sport fish from tuna to sharks draw prizes but it's the largest white marlin that earns big money.
6:38 am
tonight the tournament runs and so far the front runner is an 83-pounder caught thursday and tommy jones of severna park caught it. >> very happy to be here. my dad, my family, we're really happy to be here and enjoy this moment with everybody. >> the tournament also stretches beyond ocean city. the fish are donated to the maryland food bank. >> it was 262 boats participated and about 8,000 pounds of marlin, tuna and what hue are coming to the food bank. >> anglers are given three days to catch what they can. jones underestimated the one he caught. >> probably about 78. we're very very excited obviously to be where we're at right now. >> if no one tops 83 pounds, it's a million dollar catch. and it looks like tommy jones has something to cheer about. he has been declared the unofficial winner. back to you. >> and it's expected that tommy jones will become the official winner at a prize ceremony today. more than 20,000 people are
6:39 am
in baltimore this weekend to celebrate the 20th anniversary of odicon. it brings together fans of japanese pop culture from all over the world. you may have seen these unique costumes around the city in the last few days. there will be a whole host of events at the convention center all day today and tomorrow. interesting. turning now to sports it was a late night for orioles fans. the birds had to go extra innings. they had a 2-1 lead in the 9th 9th but jim johnson couldn't hold on. the first two batters reached base and hunter pence will single up the middle. that scores brandon belk. johnson settled down after that and did not allow more runs. in the top of the 10th orioles got two men on for chris davis and he will come through. it's not a home run like you're used to seeing but this booming double gives the orioles a lead. they added one more for a total score and a final score of 5-2.
6:40 am
they plan the giants again at 4:00 our time from the west coast. all right. so no more up and downs right? >> i can't promise that. >> okay. all right. yesterday was so humid, and it was so hot, and then there was just a downpour. >> thunderstorms in the afternoon. i had one that shook my house. my dogs didn't like that too much. >> what's going on. >> a little surprised by that as i was sitting home and boom. you know, but we don't expect that type of activity today. >> okay. >> today a little better. we kind of have an every other day type of a thing going on. front to our south is going to provide for that bit of activity we'll call it that. right now we're watching showers to the west and southwest. that's going to be the case for the next few days because of a cold front pushing through the area. it's to our south now, it came through yesterday, collided with that warm humid air in place. right now the activity to our west is moving in our general direction. but as you see most of it is to our south and southwest. some of the activity that we'll
6:41 am
see early on potentially today will dry out as it starts to make its way into some of the cooler drier air in place, but you see it's out there, and this front is right here several ripples of energy we expect over the next few days will bring us a chance of showers and thundershowers in the afternoon. just know that while we don't have anything over the state right now it's not far away. right now our temperatures are in the 60s and 70s across the region. 73 right now at bwi marshall. 70 is your dew point, 90% relative humidity. wind calm at the airport, temperatures around the state 65 in oakland, 66 in cumberland, 69 in hagerstown. you start to get into the 70s as you hit the 95 corridor. 72 in elkton, 77 in d. c. and in the middle 73 at bwi marshall. the shores right now in the low 70s. in the range from about 70 at west min westminster. 71 in bel air and 73 in columbia. winds from the northwest are bringing in a cooler drier air
6:42 am
mass. the high pressure is pumping that in, and that's helping to keep some of the activity at bay, at least for now. again, that front is down to our south. we are getting the clouds, though, ahead of that activity that's out to our west. the clouds are going to stay with us. we're not going to have just bright blue skies over the next few days, but the clouds will be with us. and just know as this front kind of stays to our south and drifts back a little bit into tomorrow, and then drifts back down again monday and back again on tuesday and all the energy that rides along it will have a chance of a shower today, better chance tomorrow, a chance of a shower on monday, better chance on tuesday, and that's the way it's going to play out. the thunderstorm chances are on the -- on sunday and on tuesday. 8:07 your sunset time today, 9:23 your next high tide. southeast wind with no advisories on the bay at around 5 knots. a light wind out there. 87 degrees today, intervals of
6:43 am
clouds and sun. tonight partly to mostly cloudy, 66 degrees is the normal now. 87 tomorrow, some sun, limited sun with a shower or thunderstorm in spots primarily in the afternoon and late morning. and then 87 on monday, another chance of thunderstorms on tuesday. 82, then 80 on wednesday and thursday with overnight lows as low as 60 degrees. still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning, high speed chase, a carjacking suspect leads police through the streets of southern california. how'd it all end up? the details are coming up. >> plus going greene, a luxury awe mow maker unveils its new electric car, a look inside the,
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6:46 am
it's 73 and partly cloudy in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. first transportation investigators in spain are reviewing speed limits throughout its rail network following last month's deadly accident. a preliminary report revealed the train was going 70 miles per hour over the posted speed limit when it crashed on a tight curve killing 79 people. the government will install hands free communication devices because the train
6:47 am
operator was on a cell phone with a colleague just before the crash. a car jacking suspect leads police on a high speed pursuit near los angeles. watch as he loses control going through an intersection. the car flips over and ends in a drainage area. the suspect refused to come out and began throwing objects out of the car. he gave up after 20 minutes and was taken into custody. r&b singer usher will keep custody of his two sons. an atlanta judge dismissed a request by his ex-wife tamika foster raymond seeking temporary custody. she filed an emergency motion after their 5-year-old son became stuck in a pool drain on monday and nearly drowned while in the custody of usher's aunt. the judge sided with usher's attorney that it was an accident but said he needs to keep in better communication with the children's mother.
6:48 am
>> i'm dismissing the motion but i will say mr. raymond in the future you would be well advised to keep your former spouse informed about your whereabouts and who is taking care of the kids. >> usher and tamika raymond married back in 2007 and divorced two years later. they went through a lengthy custody battle and usher was awarded primary custody of the boys last year. in ohio a drunk driver bust out some dance moves during a field sobriety test. look at this. >> hey man, you want me to make your job really easy, i'll be like -- i'm not driving anyway. >> all while talking. police had pulled him over for speeding and was -- and suspected that he was intoxicated. officers soon got tired of his
6:49 am
dance performance and put some handcuffs on him. his blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit at the time of his arrest. the man has pleaded not guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence. >> should have gotten arrested for those dance moves alone. another big name in the auto industry is going green. bmw borrow deuced -- introduced its new electric car in austin texas. the new model will cost about 41 to $45,000 depending on some of the options. it goes on sale in the u.s. next spring. something you'd want? >> no, no. >> yeah, i mean you want the roar. >> i do. >> that's kind of quiet. >> that's bad too because you know you're not limiting your footprint but. >> yeah, well. >> i got a lead foot. i have another kind of foot.
6:50 am
>> still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning. >> childhood obesity rates take a surprising turn. i'm monique griego and coming up the latest on a study by,,,,,
6:51 am
6:52 am
in this morning's health watch, the obesity rate is showing signs of improvement. >> monique griego has more on the new study and what parents need to know. >> while childhood obesity continues to be an epidemic in the sunshine, for u.s. for the first time in years the obesity rate for low income preschoolers is showing signs of improvement.
6:53 am
>> it's not a huge drop but it's a positive step. >> a dietitian at mount washington hospital says the change is small but significant. the study shows between 2008 and 2011 the obesity rate for low income children ages 2 to 4 decreased in 19 of the 43 states measured including maryland. experts say reaching kids in this age range is especially crucial. >> it's kind of that window of opportunity where we can really get them before these food habits engrained. >> according to the report in maryland the obesity rate dropped from 15.7 to 15.3%. many of the children in the study are on public assistance programs like wic and within the past few years they've also changed its plans to include health departmentier health include healthier options. >> we're making strides to make
6:54 am
healthy foods affordable but there's a long way to go. >> experts say parents also need to make sure they stay active. monique griego wjz eyewitness news. >> mount washington hospital offers weight smart programs for children 17 and under that need help getting their weight under control. when we come back, we'll have the exclusive eyewitness news first warning forecast. [ male announcer ] now you can get a kindle fire hd,
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and you won't find it anywhere else. kindle fire is amazing. it's a life-changer. [ male announcer ] go online to order now. 87 degrees today, tomorrow, monday and tuesday, a chance of showers each day really throughout, but a better chance will be throughout sunday and tuesday. cooler temperatures heading into wednesday and thursday. temperatures dropping into the low 80s. overnight lows down in the 60s. keep in mind the average or the normal high is 86 and 66. put that in perspective with the temperatures you're seeing. >> we should have a newsroom challenge like this next story. office workers in moscow get
6:57 am
encouraged to get up and exercise at the first annual skyscraper run. >> wow, the competitors raced to the top of a 70 story building. now that's 1950 steps. >> now what started out as a run ended up as a slow walk for many of them. >> organizers were happy with the participation and hopes it will spur workers to exercise more. you see how slow they're walking now. they barely got up those last few steps. >> one leg in front of the other. >> okay. did they do the steps or an elevator down? >> i don't know. well, down is always easier right? >> isn't it? >> yeah. >> okay. wow. >> that is it for our first hour of this eyewitness news saturday morning. there's still another hour coming up. >> be sure to stick around. we're back in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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